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Bart Schiavo is the Owner & President of Schiavo Steel, a structural Steel Fabrication company.

Bart supports multiple charities such as Save The Children and St Jude Children’s Hospital.

“I fell in love with boxing about 18 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about the sport and part of me has always wanted to fight, but I would never consider stepping in the ring with someone who is training full time in hopes of turning pro, without being able to dedicate myself 100%. Being a business owner has not allowed me the time to do that, and now being in my late 30’s, that window has closed anyway. I thought this would be a great opportunity to be a part of something with others who are probably in that same boat or just getting into boxing now, and finally have an amateur fight, while also doing something that will ultimately help those in need.

Most of my gym time is self-trained due to my schedule (although I have trained under both Frankie & Kathy in the past) so I’m very much looking forward to training with an actual trainer again. I know that although I’ve been boxing recreationally for a long time, I’ve got a lot to work on and I still have plenty to learn. I know this will definitely be a step up from sparring and I’m excited for the challenge. I’m really excited at the idea of competing with someone who is also doing this for a good cause, and can’t wait to play my part in a great night of entertaining bouts!”

Bart lives in Huntington with his wife and their newborn son Nicholas

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